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Who are your Competitors? What are they Planning? Market Appraisals? What are Future Trends in your Market? Brand and Type Shares? Brexit? What News will affect your Products or Services? We will find out Anything! Economic and Financial Trends – Find out quickly about the above and much more…


We provide information and facts – about anything.
Do you need accurate information to make those vital decisions. Information is the driving force behind everything. Without accurate information plans can’t be implemented, whatever they involve. Product Marketing, National Policy Plans, Economic and Government Planning, General Research, Scientific Subjects, Information about People, Places, – you name it – all need to have correct information from a variety of sources.

If you are looking for information – we can help you find it? Regardless of what it is, we have huge resources and contacts to deliver information and stats covering markets, products, countries, economic, foreign trade – in fact virtually anything.
We will collate and tabulate all information in the form of easily digestible written reports together with tabulated data where applicable. We will research out virtually anything, literally any subject under the sun using a whole range of data sources not just confined to the Internet. Basically you can leave it all with us. Have a quick look through this website to find out more.



That all depends on what we’ve been asked to research. Rest assured we have access to large libraries, databanks, search engines and sometimes we use direct contact by personal visits and telephone contact to dig out essential information.

* We provide Sales Leads
* Scientific Data
* Internet Research
* Forecasting GDP and GNP
* Market Research & Economics
* Statistical Data
* General Facts & Figures
* Property Trends
* Banking Studies etc
* Science, IT, Electronics, History, Building
* Construction, The Arts, Medicine, Fabrics
* Computer Programming, HTML, Java
* High Level Programming Languages
* Machine Languages & Data Recovery
* Search Engine Research & SEO





Whatever we do and however we obtain information it is always legal. We use standard telephone techniques and published information from business libraries and similar sources.

On a basic search you will receive a written report covering all aspects of the information required with tabulated data and pie-charts where applicable.

Basic Market Data:

* Brand Shares (by region)
* Type Shares (by region)
* Area Sales and Shares
* Source of Purchase
* Market Statistics
* Product Shares