The Information Age

Creating the Correct Strategy

Examples of marketing information we provide:

1. How to enter a new market
2. Who are the existing suppliers
3. A survey of your competitors products
4. How is their distribution organised
5. Economic statistics for countries GDP, GNP etc
6. Demographic data for countries, population, age, class, working population, employment etc.

We will research out virtually anything, or any subject under the sun using a whole range of data sources not just
confined to the Internet. Basically you can leave it all with us –  take a quick look through this website to find out more…
* Qualitative Research
* Quantitative Research
* Market Research Panels
* Financial Times Data
* The Economist Information
* Ad-Hoc Panels
We will collate and tabulate all information in the form of easily digestible written reports together with tabulated data where applicable.


Sources of information vary hugely. Much of our research will be based on published and un-published data from a range of resources. The beauty of our service is that we handle all the time consuming aspects, thus freeing you and your staff to concentrate on what you are trained for. Our emphasis will be to concentrate on sourcing of information, telephone calls, wading through statistics and reports which will inevitably take up time.

* Desk & Telephone Research
* Financial Times
* Specialised Panels
* Economic Libraries
* City Business Libraries
* Newspapers
* Internet
* Forecasting
* Market Research
* Demographics
* TV and Press Media

  • Business Stats 100% 100%
  • Economics 100% 100%
  • Financial 100% 100%