Public Relations

Advertising Services

Our associate organisation Jardine Print & PR handled the  national press production advertising for a Concorde British Airways and Air France Flights travel agent between 1995-2001 which appeared on the front and inside of several UK daily newspapers for over 5 years.  We always aim to provide a cost effective yet professional solution for companies with limited budgets above and below the line. Some of our clients spend as little as £1,000 a year on their total advertising efforts, others spend considerably more. We have expertise in all aspects of PR and Promotion, with hands-on experience of production as well as media, website design and print services.

If you would like to see a presentation of our work ~ contact us right away, we know you’ll be impressed!

Major Markets and Scope…

We offer a truly International service with our work appearing in a huge range of markets including Aviation, Corporate Interiors, Motor Industry, Carpets, Recruitment, Architectural Services, Space-Planning, Furniture, Hygiene, Hospitality, Electronics, Womens’ Fashions and Education. We have worked in the USA, UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Poland, and Malta and our work has appeared in all 5 continents!




Handling Public Relations is a skilled task, for which we have much experience. One of the most effective means of reaching a target audience is to produce:

Company Profiles ~ in other words a full feature article about your company with supporting high quality photographs and editorial in the appropriate trade or consumer publications. This method of promotion can be a highly effective means of publicising your companies products, goods or services to a specific target audience.

We care very much about providing a meaningful source of sales leads for our clients whatever business they operate in, and we therefore offer an associated in-house mobile photography service that travels throughout the UK to ensure optimum results.