Markets and Information

Financial and Economic

Let’s say for instance you are looking at a new market for your products, goods or services. Whether it is planned for launch or assessment in the UK, Europe or Overseas, We will thoroughly search out potential or planned areas. With many years experience of market, economic and media planning we will do all the basic groundwork for you, without the need for you to even leave your office.

 For example – you may wish to look at the possibilities of marketing T.V. products in Belgium, Cars in China, IT equipment in Sweden or marketing properties in France.
We will look at the current market and ascertain:-

* Viabilty of the project and/or service
* Current market trends and products
* Shares by brand leaders and various profiles
* Market shares by type
* Market profiles by region
* Turnover estimates of your competitors

* Source of business
* Source of acquisition
* Sales outlets
* Barriers to market entry& other relevant profiles

With a huge range of resources at our disposal we can ascertain virtually any fact about an economy or marketing your products, whatever they are, in any market whether in the UK, Europe or overseas.  

These resources are not just based on available data from the internet but include various World Sources including Banks, Economic Bodies, Government Departments in the UK and Overseas, plus we have access to Business Libraries and other Organisations. The beauty of our service is that we take all the time consuming part of the research, so you can work on what you are good at – while we provide the vital information.